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Entrancement UK – Candice Entranced – The Session

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This is part two of my shoot with Candice. She's a cute but cheeky scottish gal with a great body and fantastic breasts, but she had a really hard time relaxing into trance, Please be aware of this if ...

Ludella Hahn – Replacing Sleeper Bot Ludella Hahn

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Ludella and Sarah are friends who just enjoyed lunch together in a boutique shopping plaza. They are overly girly and gossiping, but when Ludella excuses herself to use the restroom, Sarah gets a...

Ludella Hahn – Robotos Mind Control Cowl

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Chief O'Hara calls the Bat Cave for Batgirl to check out some suspicious activity in the warehouse district, but of course Roboto has already been expecting her, in fact, he was planning to use her f...