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Hypnotrick – Hot Redhead Tricked into Having Sex with a Hypnotist – Amy Lee

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A hot young redhead goes to a hypnotist and gets more than she bargained for once she's put into a trance. She is hypnotized into becoming very, very horny for him. Normally she wouldn't give him a sec...

Entrancement uk – Portia & Rachelle

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This was a great shoot with two lively ladies who were huge amounts of fun to work with. Portia we’d worked with before, and it’s always a pleasure seeing where her mind takes her. This time she’...

Ludella Hahn – Bat Man Gets BANGed by Brainwashed Batgurl

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In the last episode, Hahnny Quinn hacked into Batgurl's computer to activate a brainwashing sequence, and in spite of her trying to fight it, after a series of degrading and humiliating orders, Bat...