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Primalfetish – Detention – Ella and Jasmine learn a lesson

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2 girls are in detention and the teacher is there to teach them a lesson. He loads up a program on his laptop and has them watch it. Slowly they go under and when they are under trance, he begins to gi...

Primal Fetish – Divine Drops

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Brysky took a chance and ordered special "Drops of the Divine Penis" from an online ad from some Chinese herbal shop. They promise to make his penis so "Magnifecent" that any woman will drop down to th...

Fantasiesbyprimal – The Headmaster – Adrian Maya and Jade Jantzen

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Professor Masters (From Night School) has come to visit his favored student Jasmine who is now a teacher at a prestigious all girls school. For some reason Jasmine doesn't seem to remember her former p...

Hypnokink – RoboGirlsbyPrimal – Night School – Daisy Summers, Jasmine Wolff

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Jasmine, Daisy and Sharron are taking Psych 101 at night school classes to work on getting a degree. Professor Masters asks Jasmine to stay after class to discuss her paper. He is concerned about h...

Primals FANTASIES – The Master Plan – Part 3 Jade Jantzen

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Dava has brought young Jade over to see the house for an estimate for cleaning. The young girl just moved in to town and is looking for any kind of work so she thought getting hired to clean hous...

Primals FANTASIES – The Master Plan – Part 2 Jasmine Wolff

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Jasmine is a successful single woman interested in buying her first house. Dava has come recommended as the best agent in town and has promised to show her the perfect property. Some of the thing...

Primal Fetish – Huntress and Wonder Woman XXX

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Wonder Woman and Huntress roll around on the floor and then become sex slaves