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Primal Robo Kink – 52 Melissa’s Full Session

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Melissa gets hypnotised, thinks she's a dog, then gets forced orgasms then made to give a blowjob and get fucked

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine: Under the Power of Dionysus

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Batgirl, Zatanna & Wonder Woman have all three opened an investigation pertaining to the disappearance of several attractive young girls. As our clip begins, the Ladies enter into a room and encoun...

Primal Fetish – Master of the Board – Taking Complete Control

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Chanel, Melissa and Veruca have taken control of Mr. Master's company in a hostile take over. And they plan to force him out and take pleasure doing it. Mr Master's just asks for a chance to show them ...

Primals Fantasies – Melissa Moore – Training the Nurse

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Melissa gets hypnotized by her patient, strips and gives his cock a sponge bath and then gives him a hand job. Next day she strips again, another sponge bath and hand job. Later he makes her give him a...

Primals Fantasies – Melissa Moore – The Dollmaker’s First Masterpiece

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Melissa Moore arrives and after drinking something fall asleep, the guy removes her clothes and oils her up. She appears with a pink dress, the guy makes her do some poses and give him a hand job. Af...

Primals Fantasies – Melissa Moore – The Nanny

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Melissa is a sweet small town girl recently moved and looking for a job. She answers an ad for a position as a nanny, but it's not what she thinks, in fact she begins to only think what she is told. ...

Primals FANTASIES – Melissa Moore – The Photographer

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Melissa is a brilliant student who's known nothing but studying and straight A's for her entire school career. With graduation and the journey to college looming, she has been pronounced the vale...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Melissa Moore – Wonder Girl – Broken Will

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Wonder Woman is recovering from injuries of an epic battle. She has entrusted her power items to her protege Wonder Girl. The young superheroine is determined to be worthy of WW's faith and sets ...