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Ludella Hahn – Jokesters new Trick Brainwashed Batgirl

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Babs Gordon is to play the bait in The Jokester's new scheme to draw Commissioner Gordon. He breaks into her apartment while she's sleeping and puts his hand over her mouth to keep her hushed. Ba...

Ludella Hahn – Erotic Vampire Hotel Seducing Tara

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Another victim in my "Erotic Vampire Hotel" series. This time, it's the brunette girl-next-door Tara Tied. When a vampire is very hungry, a hotel is like a buffet, and this buffet happens to be at Fe...

Hypnopimp – Kelly Controlled Full

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Full Programming Never before released full PROGRAM of Kelly. Enjoy watching and seeing her go deeply into my control. Freeze Stuck Kelly is a first timer, she has never been trained before. Sh...

Erotictransformation – Dr Mesmer’s House of Robo-hookers

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Dr. Mesmer has been dismissed by the bitchy, feminist dean of Wazzamatta University after being accused of harassment by a member of the I Eta Pi sorority. He enlists the aid of Johnny Gepetto in ho...

Primals Fantasies – Kylie Quinn – Bitchy Little School Girl Mesmerized

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I am supposed to help Kylie study, and she is so hot! But she acts like such a bratty little bitch to me. I try being nice, but she acts so entitled! I have an idea, and I get total control over her....

Entrancement UK – Sapphire & Samantha

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My genuine mesmerism session with the lovely Samantha Alexandra and Sapphire. Category: MESMERIZE Related Categories: BLONDES, EROTIC MAGIC, FREEZE, FEMALE TRAINING, HUMOR

Primals Fantasies – Kimmy Granger – Sister Becomes Mesmerized Slut

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She gets on her knees and blows him,they move to the bed and fuck missionary then do some 69 and he blows his load on her face. My sister Kimmy thinks she is so perfect, I think deep down she's just...

Ludella Hahn – Redhead Vampire Seduces Redhead Slave

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Ludella Hahn is a redheaded vampire who has found herself a redheaded victim (Chrissy Daniels) while clubbing and was invited back to her room for a drink...and she took that invitation to mean a d...