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Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip Six)

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This clip is for her next visit a lot of fun, the induction, and she gets naked

EroticTransformation – The H-Project 10: The Hypno Hotel – Sophie Lynx

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When last we left Marcus he had just had his way with his newly mindless wife, doing things to her he had never done before (see episode 9) Since then, he has left her in the closet and gone sight...

Primal Fantasies – The Master Plan 2 (Part4) – Eva Long, Makayla Cox, Joseline Kelly

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Part4: The three girls are cleaning the room naked, the guy arrives and all beg him to fuck them. He takes turns to fuck each of them while the others are masturbating or playing with each other. T...

Hypnokink – RoboGirlsbyPrimal – Night School – Daisy Summers, Jasmine Wolff

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Jasmine, Daisy and Sharron are taking Psych 101 at night school classes to work on getting a degree. Professor Masters asks Jasmine to stay after class to discuss her paper. He is concerned about h...

Primal Fantasies – The Master Plan 2 (Part3) – Joseline Kelly, Makayla Cox and Eva Long

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Part3: Joseline is interviewd by Eva and Mackayla, Eva hypnotize Joseline, they help her strip and Eva masturbates Joseline. Then the guy arrives and fucks Joseline while Eva and Mackayla both watc...

Ludella Hahns Fetish Adventures – Bitchy Teacher Brainwashed

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Clip Includes: POV, Magic Control, Woman Following Orders, Female Training, Brainwashing, Reprogramming, Tit Play, Erotic Magic, Real Doll, Transformation, Nerdy Girl, Bitch to Bimbo, Hot for Teach...

Primal Fantasies – The Master Plan 2 (part2) – Makayla Cox and Eva Long

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Part2: The guy hypnotizes Mackayla with Eva being under his control as well. Makayla strips, then both suck his cock. Then he fucks them both and the scene ends in a shared facial.

Steve Steele – H Project 3 – H-Harmony

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Our story begins at the home of the beautiful Daisy Marie, who is looking for a boyfriend online at a dating website. She begins chatting via webcam with Steve, who induces her by reciting mesmeric...

Primal Fantasies – Jessa Rhodes – Rival’s Wife Under the Influence

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Guys arrives at home, talks a while, gives Jessa some water to start the "influence". Starts touching her and fingering, then licks her pussy, Jessa gives a BJ and receive a fake cum facial. They s...

Primal Fantasies – The Master Plan 2 (part1) – Eva Long

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Eva is a top real estate agent and has come to Mr. Masters' home to look over a new listing. The homeowner tells her he is looking to sell everything in the house, including a family heirloom: a be...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip Two)

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Alexa, my sweet eighteen year old patient First come Alexas first visit clip two: Alexa is now in a deep trance and I have her masturbate for me. She is learning very fast that following my voice ...

The Velvet Dungeon – Slave Program Activated – Jada Entrancement 5

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Jada is back to be mesmerized again and I'm ready to start working on her slave programming. I first test the programming I gave her last session by using her slave trigger, "royal flush". She blur...

ludella hahn – Brainwashing the Gym Bitch

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Ludella has late night private use of the area gym that she has specially paid for, which she makes good use of, working her legs and butt on various machines...until POV arrives, much to her chagr...

Hypnolust – Alexa (Clip One)

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Alexa is put in trance, and undressed

Hypnokink – RoboGirlsbyPrimal – Daisy Summers – New Dental Assistant

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Daisy is interviewing to be an assistant and receptionist at a very respected Dentists office. He insists she get a check up as she will be representing his practice. The Doctor (as he likes to b...

HypnoLust – Natalie Monroe Robot Movie

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Fixer upper Frank runs a scrap facility that breaks down old robots and strips their parts for use in repair shops and resale facilities. He comes in to check on the latest arrival who was left ...

Primals FANTASIES – Bridgette B – Bitch Boss Revenge

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My boss, Ms. B, is a total bitch. Now it is time to put her in her place... Category: FEMALE TRAINING Related Categories: WOMAN FOLLOWING ORDERS, SLUT TRAINING, OFFICE DOMINATION, BOSS / EMPLO...

The Velvet Dungeon – Limp Nymphomaniac – Danica Mesmerized

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I start by suggesting when I tell her she is heavy she will feel herself pushed down and stuck in place by a powerful force. I wake her and make her feel so heavy she can't anything but her f...

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