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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Liberty And Justice A Sister Sacrifice

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Primal's Darkside Superheroine - Liberty And Justice A Sister Sacrifice Part 1 - Lexx Luther is confronted by the Superheroine sister team Liberty and Justice. He attempts to use photo-tronic mind-con...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Power Star’s Mental Domination

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The diabolical Nafar has found a way to turn Power Star's own strengths against her. She gets mentally forced to give a blowjob

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Night Raven – Mental Domination by Malfar

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Night Raven confidently struts in to confront the magician Malfar. She is unimpressed wityh his parlor tricks but then finds herself under his magical mind-control She gets mind controlled and b...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Volt Wins

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Volt and Wonder Babe are discussing a new super villain that has been taking heroes down all around town. Wonder Babe's shy assistant comes in to tell her it is time for her massage. In the spa ...

Primal Fetish – Silver Staff – Mind Mastered by Mysterio (Daisy Summers)

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Silver Staff is a confident, dominating and aggressive superheroine, she storms into Arch-Villain Mysterio's lair to confront him. She easily deflects his mystical energy balls and pins him with he...

Primal Fetish – Batwoman Defeated, Disgraced, Unmasked – Lauren Phillips

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Batwoman is sitting in her office with her civilian outfit. Her computer buzzed as a distress signal flashes on screen She suited up in her Batwoman outfit and left her office. She's tracked the...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine: Under the Power of Dionysus

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Batgirl, Zatanna & Wonder Woman have all three opened an investigation pertaining to the disappearance of several attractive young girls. As our clip begins, the Ladies enter into a room and encoun...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Bridgette B – Hippolyta Faces Savage Domination

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Bridgette B is Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons in this mind controlled bondage sex scene featuring choking, slapping, blowjob, doggy, multiple facials and more Hippolyta is walking down the path to ...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Melissa Moore – Wonder Girl – Broken Will

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Wonder Woman is recovering from injuries of an epic battle. She has entrusted her power items to her protege Wonder Girl. The young superheroine is determined to be worthy of WW's faith and sets ...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Shay Fox – Warrior Woman – Captured and Converted by Occulus

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The countries most patriotic superheroines have been disappearing and Warrior Woman has uncovered that the Intelligence Agency known as Occulus is responsible. No longer protected by the government n...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Nikki Delano – Power Gurl – Weakened, Defeated, Mesmerized

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Part 1 - Power Gurl Catches a common thug trying to rob one of Lex Luthur's secret offices. She discovers it wasn't the evil billionaires gold or jewels the thief was after, but kryptonite, which the...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Alpha Girls Shame – Jc Simpson

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Alpha Girl corners a common thug in a back alley and easily tosses him around and mocks him while bragging about her invincibility. She has the goon pinned against the wall and he surprises her with ...

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Side Kick Seduced by the Serpent Temptress

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Scene opens in the Private Chapel in the cities largest Church Lady Purity has just rescued her side kick from a thug that was about to squeeze the life out of her. Her power of repentance made th...