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Primal’s Fantasies – Christiana Cinn – Manipulating the Gullible Saleswoman

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A custom that has been released by Primal Fantasies, the main plot is about a man who finds a mind manipulating device that he uses on Christiana Cinn

Primal Fantasies – Cadence Lux – Mesmerizing My Sister’s Friend

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Cadence comes over to meet with my sister, but she isn't home yet. It seems like a good opportunity to show Cadence what I have been studying. Cadence gets hypnotised into mindlessly giving a bl...

Primal Robo Kink – Kylie’s Full Session

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If you need full length of this video, you can get it just for 2 $. go thorough following link and make a request Click Here PART 1 Initial Conditioning and Kitten Training Put under, Trance,...

Primal Fetish – Cali Sparks – The Guidance Counselor

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Cali considers herself to be the perfect student and expects to go on to get a degree from a prestigious college. He counselor however offers her some special guidance about the types of rolls that...

Primal Robo Kink – 52 Melissa’s Full Session

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Melissa gets hypnotised, thinks she's a dog, then gets forced orgasms then made to give a blowjob and get fucked

Primal Fetish – Alexis Fawx – Wife’s Behavior Control Chip

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Alexis is a total bitch to her husband. She only married him for his money, and now she won't let him touch her. She won't even let him kiss her cheek on his way off to work. She shows no affection, ru...

Primals Fantasies – Nikki Delano – Rival’s Wife Under the Influence

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Nikki comes to her husband's office to find his coworker at his desk. The coworker gives the frantic trophy wife a glass of water and sits her down to tell her the "truth" about her husband. He tells h...

Primal Fetish – Britney Amber – Product Research

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Britney has been hired as the new lab assistant at a marketing research firm. Lab head Lucas tells her to try the product normally, then see how she feels about the product when carefully curated marke...

Primal Fantasies – Lily LaBeau – Rival’s Wife Under the Influence

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As Lily is getting ready to head to the gym, her husband's coworker surprises her at her home. He's come over with bad news. Her husband has really been slacking at work and will be lucky to still ...

Primal Fetish – Master of the Board – Taking Complete Control

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Chanel, Melissa and Veruca have taken control of Mr. Master's company in a hostile take over. And they plan to force him out and take pleasure doing it. Mr Master's just asks for a chance to show them ...

Primals Fantasies – Tiffany Watson – Remote Control

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Girl get controlled by a guy with a TV remote who uses it to get her naked, eat out her pussy and have sex with her. Scene ends with a hot facial. Site Description: Tiffany's new neighbor is quite t...

[Primal Fetish] Katrina Jade – Master’s Mark

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Katrina is excited about her new tattoos. Her friend Anna Bell insisted she go to him, swearing he is an absolute MASTER artist. But when she sees that instead of what she wanted the "Master artist" ta...

[Primal Fetish] Cassidy Klein – Securing Project Funding

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Victoria (Cassidy Klein) meets with Malcolm (Lucas Frost) to review his project proposal. Not because she thinks it actually has any potential, but because her father, the owner of the investment bank,...

Primals FANTASIES – Stepdaughter Reprogrammed – Tiffany Watson

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Tiffany is a spoiled bitch with no respect for her stepdad. She does what she wants, when she wants, looking how she wants, and all with his money. With mom out of town, Tiffany is even more rebelious,...

Primal Fetish – Divine Drops

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Brysky took a chance and ordered special "Drops of the Divine Penis" from an online ad from some Chinese herbal shop. They promise to make his penis so "Magnifecent" that any woman will drop down to th...

Clips4sale – Primal Fetish – Paris Sativa – Just Friends – Volume One

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Paris is once again turning to her friend when her latest boyfriend turns out to be the same kind of asshole as the rest of them. She is so comfortable with him that when he suggests they go out some...

Primals FANTASIES – All Women Should Service Cock – I Love to Service Cock

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My teacher (Sasha Foxx) never gives me a break. She keeps me after class to tell me that my paper on how woman should always take care of men's needs is sexist and wrong. I have been waiting for a chan...

Primals FANTASIES – Master Coach – Soccer Team Try Outs

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Coach brings each girl into his office one at a time and puts them in a trance. Each go though various training while under trance. Training includes orgasm torture with magic wand, blowjob and fucking...

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