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Robo-Pimp – Luna Vera Controlled Pt 2

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This clip includes the following scenes: Yes Master In this short clip, we start off with LunaVera in her program state, as I intensely program her to respond to the word PLEASE with the phras...

RoboPimp – alexis – Red Orgasms

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RoboPimp – Chloe parker – Red Orgasms

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only the "Red" trigger word for instant orgasms

Robo Pimp – Danielle Trixie – Yes Master

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Danielle Trixie is cute, adorable, and hot. I've trained her to respond to my word PLEASE by going completely blank and empty and then having to listen to what I tell her, responding instantly with a...

Robo-Pimp Girls Trained To Be Bad – Sabrina – First time

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Here's a full compilation of the first Sabrina video that I shot. Sabrina, is not a model... she's a friend that I met, and convinced to let me train her and video tape it. This was also the first ti...

Robo-Pimp – Petula – Freeze Pose

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Petula, a beautiful brunette porcelain skinned beauty has succumbed to my training and as such I have her frozen in the previous clip and undressed. Here she attempts to put her dress back on, but be...

Robo Pimp – Dillion Carter in Finale

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In this final clip, we have Dillion still completely under our PROGRAM, and unwillingly having orgasms at our control, and in this final clip we start telling her, and cluing her in that she has been...

Robo-Pimp – Vanessa Cage – Part 2

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Robo-Pimp – Mya & Amber – Removing Clothes

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In this short and simple clip, Mya and Amber ad PROGRAMED to remove a piece of clothing each time I say Pillow or Sofa. Enjoy watching their confusion, and shock as to why they are doing this... they...

Hypnopimp – Alora Part 1and 2

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The clip contains the following scenes: Brain Clutter In this clip, alora is still stuck to our sofa and she is convinced that a ghost is doing it and messing with her by poking her in the ass and...

Hypnopimp – Amanda – Going Blank

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My shoot with Amanda was cut a bit short, so this is the last clip I have of her... if everyone likes her, I will bring her back and we can do more. But here, I have PROGRAMMED her to go blank on com...

Robo-Pimp Christy Mack full Compilation part2

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this is part 2 of a complete collection of all the scenes christy mack did for robopimp part of this clip has already been uploaded Instant Faint Christy Mack is completely trained at this point,...

Robo-Pimp – Christy Mack

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We start off this clip with right as the other one ends, and we continue to use the j3di mind trick to make Christy Mack compliant. Little did we know, as we found out in the last clip, apparently ...