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Ludella Hahn – Ludella Mesmerized Into the Vampire Anastasia’s Pet

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Mistress Anastasia is a curvaceous vampire who has been living in a castle in the hills for many years. She seeks companionship by putting out ads for "an assistant," and if the applicant is desirabl...

Ludella Hahn – Erotic Vampire Hotel Seducing Tara

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Another victim in my "Erotic Vampire Hotel" series. This time, it's the brunette girl-next-door Tara Tied. When a vampire is very hungry, a hotel is like a buffet, and this buffet happens to be at Fe...

Ludella Hahn – Redhead Vampire Seduces Redhead Slave

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Ludella Hahn is a redheaded vampire who has found herself a redheaded victim (Chrissy Daniels) while clubbing and was invited back to her room for a drink...and she took that invitation to mean a d...