Hot little Jada returns. Her trance word “marigold” now puts her in a hypnotic trance very easily.

When I put her in a trance I install new hypnotic programming, based on the conditioning in her earlier sessions. When she hears the phrase “Royal Flush” she will say “Your wish is my command, Master” and will obey every command I give her.

Then I wake her and use her slave phrase to activate her. I start giving her commands and she is compelled to obey and say “Yes, Master” whenever I do.

When she awakes I start giving her commands. She blurts out “Yes Master” and cannot stop her body from obeying me. I order her to remove her clothing. Then I pose her naked body. Then order her to start touching it.

She can’t resist my commands. She can’t understand why her involuntary touch feels so good. She struggles to keep the pleasure from overcoming her as I make her finger her pussy. I make her finger herself in different positions, showing off her naked body. Then I order her to make herself come. She tries to fight it but she can’t. Unwillingly, she gives herself a powerful orgasm.

I have her dress, then put her back into a hypnotic trance. I reinforce the programming I am giving her, clear her memory, then awaken her. I send her on her way but I expect her back soon to continue her programming.

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