I start by suggesting when I tell her she is heavy she will feel herself pushed down and stuck in place by a powerful force. I wake her and make her feel so heavy she can’t anything but her fingers and toes.

Next I tell her instead of feeling heavy, she will feel rubbery and limp when I tell her to. On command I can make her completely collapse.

I put her in a trance again and tell her she will be a compulsive masturbator when she wakes up. But when she starts to touch herself, she will uncontrollably go limp. She starts to get frustrated as she gets hornier and hornier but goes limp whenever she tries to satisfy herself.

Now she is turned on. I intensify it by telling her a bright colored pair of panties I have for her are magical and will turn her on and stimulate her when she wears them. She is still going limp whenever she tries to touch herself and her frustration continues to build.

I put her in a trance again and to reward her I free her from her limp suggestion. Now she can touch herself without collapsing. I also give her a suggestion to intensify the feelings she will get from masturbating.

When I awake her she attacks her pussy furiously and gives herself a fantastic orgasm.

And of course she wants to return again soon for more satisfaction.

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