The Velvet Dungeon – Obedient Robot – Victoria’s Second Session

Charming, seductive Victoria has returned for another session. She is excited to be back for more sexy fun.

The first thing I do is give her a suggestion to become obedient and robot-like when I ring my bell. When I ring it again she will return to normal with no memory of what happened when she was a robot.

I play some tricks on her, having her move and flash her body as a robot then snapping her back to normal in compromising positions, like with her underwear on her head.

Then I have her strip completely naked as a robot. She is startled and embarrassed when she realizes what she’s done.

Next I make her start fingering herself as a robot. Then I ring the bell and she returns to normal as she is pleasuring her pussy. I switch her back to the robot and have her touch herself in a variety of positions. Each time I return her to normal she gets more horny and takes longer to become embarrassed and stop.

Finally she is so horny that with a little encouragement, she doesn’t want to stop and she gives herself a powerful orgasm.

I anchor the feelings of pleasure she just experienced to being submissive and following my orders. She is eager to return for another hot session.

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