The Velvet Dungeon – Sophia Fox Entrancement 4 – Split Identity

Gorgeous Sophia is back and she has a problem.

She doesn’t even remember our last session, when she gave me an amazing blow job. She might be a little embarrassed if she did. She’s also been feeling out of control sexually.

I tell her I’m going to fix her problem and put her under. But as soon as I do I continue to strengthen the split I’ve introduced into her identity. I bring back the collar I used in Session 2 and reinforce the suggestion that wearing it will bring her slutty Sophia Fox personality to the surface. My goal with my sessions with Sophia is to create a complete transformation.

As soon as she puts it on you can see Sophia Fox emerge from her subconscious. She starts acting sensual and aroused and can’t resist touching herself. She asks me to take pictures. She stills seems to get aroused from the camera, I think the suggestion I gave her in her first session is still affecting her. I let her get herself nice and wet then have her remove the collar. Sophia Smith returns, confused and unable to remember why her pussy is so wet.

I put her under again and further reinforce her split personality. When she wakes up she begs me to make a movie of her masturbating to show the world. She reaches into her purse and she has the vibrator she bought for Session 2 with her.

She starts playing with it and puts on a very sexy toy show for the camera. Sophia Fox is becoming a real nymphomaniac.

After her amazing sexy show, I put her under one more time and further reinforce the power of her slutty Sophia Fox identity. I give her a post suggestion to put on the collar and turn into Sophia Fox whenever she feels aroused. Life is going to be very interesting for Sophia I bet she’ll have some interesting stories to tell next session.

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