The Velvet Dungeon – Sophia Fox Entrancement 7 – A’dick’tion Therapy

Sophia is back and very confused. Her slutty alter ego has been taking over her life and she doesn’t know what to do. She says she’ll do anything if I can help her stop acting like a slut. Oh, she’ll do anything alright.

I put her in a trance and remind her of her offer to do anything for me. I use this as the basis for some obedience programming. I give her a suggestion to follow all my commands and reply with a submissive “Yes, Master”. I also program her to fall back into an even deeper trance when she experiences and orgasm.

When I awake her, I direct her to get the vibrator I have hidden behind the cushions on the couch. She complies without hesitation. Soon I have her pressing the vibrator against her pussy. You can see her panty hose get wet as she uses the toy to bring herself to an intense orgasm.

Now back in trance, I begin programming her to have a craving for dick. Her trance is very deep so I am talking to her deep subconscious. I install a strong desire to worship and please cock.

When she awakes, it’s very clear the programming works. Within a few moments it becomes clear that she desperately wants my dick in her mouth. Of course I oblige her. This clips ends with a POV blow job.

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