The word you’re looking for is…EPIC.
AGENT SUMIKO vs EIGHT sentries (Heather West, Alisa Kiss, Keri Spectrum, Jacquelyn Velvets, Galas, Jessica Nicole, Lucy Purr, and Candle Boxxx) in a KO virtual reality contest…each one concentrating on multiple KOs and massive BODY PILES!!!In four separate scenes, we witness Sumiko sneak attack and KO all eight ladies, leaving them in a pileup that she eventually becomes a part of (due to her POV instructor’s devious KOs)! This is as pure and simple as it gets, guys:knockouts aplenty, multiple bodypiles, and award-winning performances from 9 of SKW’s BEST fighters!


sleepy gas KOs
body dragging
multiple pile-ups
punch to the face
8 back to back sleeper hold KOs!
Nine “butt in the air” Aika-style KOs
neck pinch double KO
double karate chop KOs
double jaw punch KOs
single neck pinch KO
9 girl body piles
final “shock bullet” multi-KO

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  • markus 3 years ago

    why is this here it doesn’t have anything to do with hypnosis?

  • Jeffro 3 years ago

    Yeah Markus is right. I mean the video is good but it has no elements of hypnosis, mind control, etc. Even though the “Sentries” look like theyre in a trance or are getting sleepy i dont think that counts..