Xplicitfilms - Defeated Heroines 9 - Impressing the Empress

Superia has found The Wizard– son of The Doctor whom she encountered before. She is there to find out about Moon Girl, but he is already prepared for her and uses her Super Hearing against her.

After breaking free from her restraints, Superia goes after The Wizard in her weakened state. He is able to hold her off before injecting her. He snaps her neck and carries her off.

What you can expect to see:

Super Speed • Super Breath • Transformation • Hallucinations • Fear • Costume Destruction • Low Blows by Invisible Opponent • Low Blows [M/F] • Cradle Carry • Over the Shoulder Carry • Forced Simulated Sex • Cumming • Cape Asphyxiation • Injection • Arms Over Head Bondage • Bear Hug • Groping & Fondling • Nipple Pinch • Whipping • Pantyhose Destruction • Neck Snap KO

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