Entrancement UK – Samantha 7

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Entrancement UK - Samantha 7 Samantha Alexandra Every time I work with Samantha, I’m reminded why I keep working with her. Yes she’s a couple of hours drive away… yes traffic’s usually a nightmare but dammit...

Entrancement UK – Lucinda – iDroid

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Entrancement UK – Lucinda - iDroid Lucinda’s housemate uses the iDroid Mental Manipulation App to take over her mind and make her into his fembot, living doll, maid, erotic ornament and slavegirl! Lu...

Entrancement UK – Ariel Anderssen 2

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Entrancement UK - Ariel Anderssen 2 This is Part Two of my second entrancement video with Ariel Anderssen. Part Two: Posing, Nakedness & Falling in love! Sleeping Potion laced Tea Cant rouse the slee...