This is Part One of my 9th hypnotism session with HypnoSin. This time I used my iPhone 7 Plus to capture my experience.
Part One features my short, blue hair and starts out with me wearing a print dress, watching and getting lost in the spirals on my screen as HypnoSin takes me under and sets up trigger words for the session. Once I’m completely under, and have let all my will drain away, he has me close my eyes, and when I open them a familiar face is on my screen. It’s Master Kaa (from Jungle Book) again. I strip off my dress revealing a light blue-green lace bra and panty set underneath. My panties stay on for this session.
His eyes entice me and arouse me, I am helpless to resist as he coils himself around me ready to fuck and devour me. My silly grin signifies that I’m completely entranced by his spell as I hump mindlessly, until he chokes the life out of me making my eyes roll back into my head.
When I’m awoken for an intermission before part 2 of the session, I realize I must have lots of wet sticky cum in my panties.

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