Sexy Ally is back. Because of the hypnotic suggestion I gave her, she has been craving more hypnosis. And what she remembers most is the gold chain that gave her an orgasm.

She puts it on and its effects are still powerful. She gets horny and comes and right afterwards falls into a hypnotic trance. While she’s entranced I give her suggestions to reinforce her attachment to her collar, to make it addictive, to make putting it on more intensely pleasurable for her. I also introduce a suggestion that it will weaken her willpower, and remind her that she cannot take it off unless I tell her to.

After she awakes I ask her to give back the collar. She really doesn’t want to take it off but when I insist she finds herself complying. However as soon as she’s given it to me she wants it back. I don’t give it back I tease her until she starts to beg. Then I tell her if she wants it back she has to strip for me. She doesn’t want to but when she sees me dangle it in front of her she agrees. She becomes modest when she gets to her bra and panties, but I insist. She wants to wear the chain so badly she finally agrees.

I give her the chain and moments after wearing it the powerful effect takes hold of her. As she starts getting horny I ask her to touch herself, she has no problem agreeing. She puts on a very sexy show as I direct her to touch her naked body while the collar turns her on to the point where she loses all control.

After she comes she falls back into trance. A very deep one this time. I reinforce her longing for the collar, the pleasure it gives her, and her desire to obey me while wearing it. Then I wake her and send her on her way.

I think we’ll be seeing lovely Ally again soon.




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