Amateur Boxxx – Employee Trains his Big Boobed Boss

Tyler has the hottest boss ever and all he wants to do is fuck her. Unfortunately, she is a total Bitch who thinks that he is an idiot and worthless. Well today is different because his buddy Johnny let him borrow his MIND ORB.

The Magical device has special powers that let you control the minds of others. Tyler grabs the orb and confidently walks into his monthly review with his Huge Breasted Boss.

Casca begins to asses him and tear him apart. She tells him what a horrible job he’s doing and how she is probably going to fire him. Once Tyler has heard enough he pulls out his magical orb and turns it on.

His Boss just laughs at him at first, but once she stares into the orb she is suddenly Mesmerized. A second later her eyes roll back and she was under his command.

She literally does every thing he tells her to do if you know what I mean. When he is finished with her he makes Casca give him a 100% raise. Not bad, maybe Tyler will let me borrow the Orb when I go on my review.

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