Starring: Chelsea, and Renee

Featuring 2 Girls or More, Blow Jobs/Oral Sex, Girl Girl Sex, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Nudity, and Sexual Content
Chelsea is busy unpacking from her recent move when Renee knocks at her door – she has come to introduce herself to her new neighbor. They start talking about Renee’s profession….Licensed Hypnotist….in fact, Renee has brought along her new “magic crystal” that has been proven to work on those who claim they can’t be hypnotized (ie: Chelsea!). Renee shows Chelsea the beautiful crystal…all the while coercing Chelsea into a hypnotic state. After she has Chelsea under her spell, Renee takes full advantage of the beautiful woman and all her wonderful assets! She engages Chelsea in her first lesbian encounter…Renee uses her to satisfy her every need. Chelsea is no longer resistant to a female tryst and they are enjoying each others bodies until Chelsea’s boyfriend walks in! Renee takes full advantage of him by swinging her crystal his way. He falls prey to her hypnotic cadence and the swinging crystal and is soon under her spell. Renee encourages him to stroke his cock in front of the women and to cum for them.

45 minutes

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