Starring Renee, Angel, and Tyler
Featuring 2 Girls or More, Mind Control, Nudity, Robots, Sex Toys/Dildos, and Sexual Content
Tyler gets caught playing with her roommate’s sex toys as she’s showing them to her friend Angel. They both suddenly become frozen in a robotic state. Renee enters to find the girls frozen – glad to see that her plan has worked – to lure Tyler right into her trap. Renee manipulates their wires to test their robotic function. Using various charging mechanisms, Renee puts them through various tests, tweaking their circuitry to perfection. After many malfunctions, the robots are prepared for return to the manufacturer. During the course of their robotic actions, the girls are sexually manipulated by Renee’s dildoes (the chargers) and also commanded to touch each other.
51 minutes

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