Anastasia Pierce-Fetish Super-Heros – Anastasia Pierce & Angela Sommers – Calidora Captured: Vampire Interrogation

We find ourselves deep in the sewers under the city. In a forgotten, hidden dungeon. Anastasia Van Helsing Vampire Hunter has finally been able to capture her long time enemy Calidora.That sexy vampire queen has been running on a rampage in the city and getting her way feeding of innocents and holding debaucherous evenings with fellow vampires. It is time that Calidora answers questions and finally pay for all her evil doing.

Anastasia has been tracking her for a long time and now it’s her opportunity to get even. But the Vampire Hunter will become a super villainess when her rage and desire for vengeance become overwhelming. She will keep Calidora bound but the lines of desire will get crossed. Mental games used on each other as the interrogation becomes more and more intense. The two sexual women will become more and more attracted to each other as the intensity rises and the anger grows.

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