Cali Logan & Angelique Kithos – Black Magic Witch Angelique

So Ive heard about this silly legend of Angelique the Witch. Say her name 3 times and she will appear. Okay, yeah right. Ill believe it when I see it.

Before my nap, I decide to summons the witch. Of course, nothing happens! I may as well take a little nap. At some point, before or after dozing off…Im not quite sure…there is a knock at the door. I get up to see who it is, but don’t see anybody. Then, I turn around, and there she is!

Angelique is there, and she is angry. She captivates me with her magical stare and slowly begins to drain the life out of me through my breasts. With every moment, she gets stronger and I get weaker. To finish me off, she uses a long kiss to steal my final breath.

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