Cali is soooo excited for her first Erotic Mind Control show tonight. She has been studying for weeks, the only problem is that she hasn’t actually practiced on anyone yet.

Jade has reluctantly volunteered to let Cali try out the routine on her. The ever so grateful Cali pulls out a watch and goes to work. At first it seems that Jade is going under, but just as Cali counts down from 5, she snaps out of the trance.

When she looks over to Cali she sees her slumped in her chair completely out. Could it be that she accidentally put herself under? Jade asks if Cali can hear her…Cali replies yes, and Jade decides to have a little bit of fun.

She gives 3 simple commands. Freeze, Obey and Doll. With these 3 words, she is able to have Cali act like a chicken, spank her, feel her boobs, remove her clothes, change her shoes and all sorts of other embarrassing things.

Finally, she allows Cali to fall out of the trance, just long enough to freak out about what’s going on. Jade is having too much fun with her little Doll! She leaves Cali in her bra and pantyhose, stealing the rest of her costume.

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