Catwoman vs. Batgirl Parody

Batgirls is determined to take in the villainess cat burglar Catwoman for stealing the mysterious Cat’s-eye Diamond, which is rumored to poses powers. Unbeknownst to our caped crime fighter the diamond has already put Catwoman under its control and Batgirl makes the fatal error of looking into the beautiful gem and she to is put into a trance. Our sexy super-heroines become entwined in a smoking hot passion play. These two smoking hot pros are arguably the hottest girl-girl combination in the fetish-bondage genre and besides you already know what Christina Carter brings to the party when wearing a super-heroine costume. FYI, Catwoman is parodied as the 1966, Lee Meriwether version of the character from the television show Batman. Contents: Super-heroine costumes, dancing, stripping, girl-girl, kissing, fondling, oral sex, masturbation, -control and pussy grinding

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