Cherie DeVille - Preacher's Wife Under the Influence

Cherie is the pastors wife at the church many of the therapists clients have been coming from. She is not happy about the “worldly” methods that therapists use, and she thinks she should be the one the women discuss their marital issues with. She has scene the…videos… that some of the women’s husbands had on their computers and she wants to know exactly what advice the therapist has been giving. Of course, the therapist gets to the truth about Cherie’s own feelings about what she saw. About the way the women moaned and screamed, about how much bigger the men’s….penises are than her husbands…How unsatisfied she realizes she is….

The therapist shows the pastors wife how a proper blowjob is meant to be consecrated, what a convertional experience a good doggy and missionary fuck can be and goes on to prove to Mrs DeVille how worthy she is to receive a load of blessed semen. Amen.

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