This movie was released in 2011 by RMQ-PROJECT, a japanese adult video studio entirely focused in hypnosis and mind control themed stories.

In this movie they tells us the story of a doctor, specialized in Hypnosis, who wants to take over the medical centar where he works in. His co-wokers are two young nurses and an older female doctor. Due to the movie last more than 4 hours, it would take me a lot ot time to describe everything that happens, but I will try summarizing it for you:

The movie is split in several parts: In the first part (that would be the first 2 videos) First he manages to brainwash the youngest nurse, making her dress a school uniform. He makes her fond herself, show him her panties and finally he fucks her apwards. He then brainwashes the other nurse, making her put a tight swimuit on, show him her pussy and finally fucking her upwards. At the end, he reinforces the trances of both of them, making them strip to their underwear, masturbate herselves and make out to each other.

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