Controlled in Fetishland – A Long Day – Maci Wilde

Maci has had a long day watching the little ones and she just wants to relax. As she is talking on the phone she hears a noise and thinks it is one of the little ones getting out of bed. She calls out but then sees something standing in front of her. Maci has no idea what it is but she wants to get rid of it. It goes and whacks her over the head. Maci goes cross eyed and tongue comes out and she falls resting. Maci’s butt is in the air and she is snoring very loud. Once she wakes up she is a little confused and a little frustrated. She gets up and sees the thing again. Maci is trying to figure out what it is. She has no clue all she knows while trying to catch it is that it’s quick. Maci tries stressing to it that she has had a long day and she doesnt have time for this. It puts Maci to rest again, falling back onto the couch with her legs wide open and snoring very loud. This time it decides to take Maci’s shoes off of her feet. Maci wakes up to realize this and she is mad. Maci chases it around and she cant catch up with it but it makes her go to rest with her own shoe. Maci again falls resting in a humiliating position, snoring her head off. Maci wakes up and tries with all of her might that she is going to get this thing. But, nope, it takes her out with a water bottle. As Maci goes cross eyed and tongue sticking out she falls resting with her butt in the air again.

As Maci wakes up the next time she is weaker and says “its you again.” This time it is going to mesmerize Maci in her weak state. With just a snap of a finger it can make her bawk, hump and play with herself. Between every action she is made to do she falls resting. Maci will be falling resting with her hands in her pants, snoring.

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