Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Brain Drain Recruits An Assistant

Brain Drain needs a business front for her evil empire. Getting the office and the money was the easy part. Now to find a loyal assistant to do all the daily tasks.

Even though Mileena doesn’t have any experience, the pay is amazing and she had to apply. Wearing tight clothes she knows what her skills are as she interviews for the position. “I had you come in for something a little different” Brain Drain whispers as she walks over to her new pet. Brain Drain knows all about Mileena’s secret life and puts her hands on her head. The power runs through Brain Drain’s fingers and melts the poor little girls brain.

Now she’s just a dumb little puppet. Brain Drain already owns Mileena’s twin sister, now to complete the set. She strips off Mileena’s top and gropes those perfect tits. “Suck on my breasts” Brain Drain commands. Melissa is going to be the perfect personal assistant, dressing, cooking, and worshiping Brain Drain.

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