CorySmash – Vanessa Cage in Shutterfly vs Brain Drain – Added to Her Collection

Come here and kiss me” Shutterfly moans. So turned on she doesn’t notice that her control over Brain Drain is slipping. “Lets get you back to the Justice League” Shutterfly says, but when Brain Drain doesn’t obey, she knows something is terribly wrong. “Did you think your camera’s could defeat me?” Brain Drain whispers.

“No” Shutterfly pleads as her thoughts are drained out of her head. Slowly turned into a brainless, thoughtless toy Shutterfly tries to fight it, tries to keep her mind. But Brain Drain is too strong and soon she’s an obedient big breasted bimbo. Shutterfly is forced to touch herself and cum in Brain Drain’s control, worshiping her new mistress and becoming part of her harem.

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