Dixieland Fetish – Cassandra Cain & Dixie Comet – Vampire Lessons

Young teacher, Cassandra, is in for a bit of a surprise when she comes to the wrong door looking for the mother of an underperforming student. The dark, mysterious woman who answers the door toys with her, telling her, “I have many… but none in school.” She waves her magic ring in front of Cassandra’s face, mesmerizing her and then inviting her in to keep her company. Glammed Cassandra puts up no fight when the Vampiress strips her out of her clothes and pushes her down on the bed. She kisses her way up her body to her neck but it isn’t time for that yet, she must be primed and full of sexual energy first. She slides down between her legs and licks her pussy. Even amidst her fog, Cassandra is overcome with pleasure and has an intense orgasm. The Vampiress slides her way back to her neck and finally lets the teeth out to take what she wants.

Rejuvenated, the Vampiress isn’t done playing with her new toy. She feeds Cassandra just enough to turn her and make her a permanent playmate. One of the disciples she’s mentioned earlier. Cassandra’s eyes spring open and her teeth come out for the first time. She is filled with a strange new energy as she hungrily goes for her mistresses mouth with passionate kisses. She pushes the Vampiress down and pulls off her panties. She licks her pussy hungrily until she’s returned the favor of orgasm to her maker. They kiss frenetically with their newfound partnership.

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