Entranced Erotica – Entrancing Disks – Mary Jane & Nina Neon

Starring : Mary Jane & Nina Neon

Nina and Mary Jane are competitive coworkers at the same office in this unusual and complex entrance scene (which was made as a custom for one of our customers). Nina comes to Mary Jane to boast about the huge account she is just been awarded, and to demand that Mary Jane become her assistant. Mary Jane is forced to comply, so she hatches up a brillaint plan for revenge. She convinces Nina to listen to a CD that she made herself. That night, Nina plays the CD as she falls resting. Nina beams at the office and thanks Mary Jane for the boost of productivity and self confidence the CD has given her, completely unaware of the suggestions planted in her subconscious. Mary Jane toys with her new control over Nina by putting her in a trance. Then she gives Nina a new CD to listen to. A friend of Nina’s informs her that Mary Jane is a wanted criminal and warns her against the process. During a violent confrontation at the office, Mary Jane is uses a trigger, the pinching of Nina’s nose, to make her go to rest. She is then able to gain control of Nina’s mind. This time she commands Nina to strip and to fondle her own tits. Mary Jane takes her turn fondling Nina before ordering her to become her enamored sex slave. Nina pounces on Mary Jane with unabashed lust, and the two gorgeous brunettes make out voraciously. The two hotties are in bed and Nina confesses her undying, mesmerizing devotion to Mary Jane. The girls kiss, make out, and rub their creamy flesh and succulent tits against each other. It is seriously freakin hot!!!

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  • Connor 8 months ago

    Been waiting for some Nin Neon for so long thanks!, I saw this one a while ago but still good to have it uploaded here.

    • Fetishman 8 months ago

      You’re very welcome, We are going to upload a lot of Nina’s clips in the near future.