Entrancement - Hypnotized Girls Natalie & Bex

Entrancement – Hypnotized Girls Natalie & Bex

This was a fun shoot in all kinds of ways. We got to work with Natalie, who we’d been trying to arrange a shoot with for aaaages, (We kept missing each other / getting lost on our way to shoots) and by chance we bumped into Bex, who we’d not seen since her student days (She’s now 28).

Natalie’s a beautiful blonde geordie lady, she responded really well to hypnosis and was very quickly dropping into trance. Bex is slimmer and more toned than she was in her student days as she now runs her own modelling agency and pole dancing classes!

We had a mix of classic and new suggestions here. For half the shoot we had the girls convinced that they hadn’t been hypnotized (when of course they had ) and that the opposite of whatever suggestion I had them believing was actually true. So expect to see lots of them calling me a liar to my face and utterly denying that they’re nude / flashing / shaking their booties at me

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  • Nice to see I have fans in so many places.

    Thank you if any of you are *legally* supporting me. (As that’s the only way I’m able to make more videos.) for all your hypnotic needs at the lowest prices clips4sale allow!

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      Hey man

      if you let me upload 7-10 minutes of your clips, i will never upload full videos
      do you mind?