Entrancement UK – Amy Latina Entranced

Amy is a bubbly lady from the Philippines, who’s been living in the UK for around 10 years now. (Apparently she actually enjoys our chilly weather!) She’s been chasing me for a shoot since 2013, and we finally got around to working together. Glad we did, because she’s a great subject with some really cute reactions to trance.

Her brow furrows rather cutely when her memories go missing. She’s very ticklish (which makes her bemusement when I stop her from being ticklish later on all the more satisfying) and does a great job being a slutty sultry fetishy foot-focused Mistress and Sex Instructor later on.


00:10 Introduction
09:00 Induction
15:20 Sleepy Limp / Stiff Suggestions
17:00 Sleep Trigger Reinforcement
19:00 Pendant Infatuation
21:15 Awake… Sticking, Tickling & Bondage Trigger
25:30 “My name is Bound!”
26:40 Total Amnesia
29:00 Baring breasts is totally normal… right?
30:30 Extrovert / Introvert Switching
32:45 Stuck Flashing… even though she doesn’t want to!
35:00 Sleepy Flyaround Frozen Pendant Play
40:40 Hates clothes, HAS to be nude!
43:30 Suddenly Shy… stuck in place
44:30 Posing Frozen Amy Doll
9:15 LaserPen Mental Off Switch
52:30 Nekkid Tickling
53:30 Tickling Switched Off
55:00 Break / Behind the scene mic running
57:30 Mindless obedient and posing on command
58:30 No idea how her clothes came off
1:00:00 Snap to Pose & Freeze, Snap to Release
1:03:00 Progressive Catlike Mannerisms
1:08:00 “My name is Slavegirl. So is my job!”
1:09:00 Horny Slavegirl can’t do what she wants to do
1:10:45 Master’s Erotic Touch, Mindless Mantra Repetition
1:13:00 Amy wakes as a confused captive
1:14:00 Slavegirl Sensually Crawls…
1:15:20 Onions aren’t Apples… or are they?
1:17:30 Tastebuds return to normal
1:21:40 Amy The Chicken
1:25:30 Mistress Amy is looking for minions!
1:31:30 Amy the Sex Instructor
1:40:30 Sex Instructors Sensations go missing… tricky!
1:43:00 Coming to her senses
1:46:40 Neural Disruptor (Orgasm-Gunne / Tickle-Gunne)
1:55:00 Puppeteering
1:56:00 Zombie Sleepwalk

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  • Avery 1 year ago

    wow you got on this one quickly! do you have kelly or rhianna 1? or do you do trades?

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      Sorry we don’t trade but we’ll consider your requests

  • Leon 1 year ago

    Download link off pls fix this

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      This time they have taken the link down so quickly, Please try screen player. We will re-upload it we we find some free time.

  • Jack 1 year ago

    Now waiting patiently for Natalia 10th visit

  • Westgate1 1 year ago

    I don’t have the link but any chance you could consider entrancement uk video penny . Thank you

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      Sure bro, we’ll consider it but we need the link, Please put the link of any request that you make

  • Westgate1 1 year ago

    Any chance you could reload this video again thanks

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      I did check it right now, It works very well. Don’t need to re-upload