Starring April O’Moore

April is a fetish model who already had an existing kink for mesmerism when she came to us. She’d previously dated a guy with the fetish, and had even written an MCStory about a woman who goes to work for an company, but finds that after watching their orientation video, for some reason any time someone says “It’s for the company” she finds herself agreeing whole heartedly to do whatever they’re requesting… whether it’s smiling more for customers… wearing shorter skirts… or giving her co-workers blowjobs after lunch. 😉

She was a great subject who really took to the suggestions I gave her. As the new office slut, she grows progressively more raunchy, as a guy in a girl’s body she’s ridiculously excited by her new bodyparts, and as a fembot with mistress and slavegirl modes she switches between different modes and loops / powers down in some unique (but highly entertaining) ways.

This is April’s COMPLETE shoot and offers the best value if you want to see everything.

Seperate sections for Slut training || Body & Mind Transformation || Fembot Mistress & Slavegirl are also available.

0:00:10 Introduction
0:03:20 Interested in Mind Control for some time!
0:04:30 April tells us about the Bimbofication Story she wrote
0:07:00 Discussion of desirable trance flavours
0:09:10 Induction
0:18:30 Trance desires, words of focus
0:22:30 Sleep Trigger Training
0:23:30 Awake & feeling slutty
0:24:15 Sexual Tourettes whilst under
0:28:30 The New Office Slut
0:29:30 Job Interview – Sexual Tourettes
0:31:30 Its for the company obedience trigger
0:34:30 New Wardrobe Policy: Skirt & Dress Length
0:35:30 Client Comfort Policy: Act single & interested
0:36:20 Company Bisexuality Policy
0:37:30 Sexual Escapade Policy
0:38:20 Sexual Stress Relief Policy
0:38:45 No Panties Dress Code
0:39:30 Taking Reference photos for her CV
0:40:45 Lunchtime Blowjob Policy
0:41:30 Blowjob Technique Description
0:43:12 POV Blowjob with Mindless Freezes
0:49:20 Masturbating whilst Tranced
0:50:12 Blank Eyes Wide Masturbation
0:52:27 Frozen Mid-Masturbate
0:53:12 Switching her pussys pleasure off
0:53:40Mind Off / Pussy On & Pleasure Growing
0:56:07Finally allowed to Orgasm
0:58:00Waking as a Reprogrammed Nymphomaniac
0:58:30Eager to strip for her new boss
1:00:00 Posing the Frozen Fuck-Dolly
1:03:00 Waking as her professional self, embarrassed to be nude
1:05:00 Music Makes her Striptease
1:12:00 Guy in a girls body (no idea that hes female)
1:15:30 Guy realises hes in a girls body
1:16:00 Growing n Shrinking Breasts
1:16:20 Alright if I have a bit of a wank?
1:16:31 Oh-ho Yes! Ive got a VAGINA!
1:18:10 Suddenly a SLUT
1:18:40 Suddenly an AIRHEAD
1:19:45 IQ of an imbecile
1:20:50 Posing Bimbo
1:22:15 The more dumb, the more happy
1:22:45 Can’t remember how to speak (but can meow!)
1:23:38 Putting on her CATSUIT
1:25:20 Cat Mannerisms
1:27:20 Kitty cant resist the pendant
1:28:30 April cant control her (kitty)body. Saucer of milk!
1:29:40 Kitty purrs for her Master
1:30:30 Kitty shows off how sexy n bendy she is
1:31:30 Contorted Body but Mindless now
1:32:30 Mindless Mantras
1:33:30 Using the pendant to empty her mind
1:36:00 Posing and tickling the Mindless Shell
1:38:30 Mind returns Memories of the session dont
1:39:00 Doesnt recall much of the session so far
1:41:00 Mindfucked Memories Return
1:41:30 Memories sucked out again and sleep
1:43:00 April-Bot: Reprogramming
1:44:20 April-Bot: Pose Mode
1:45:00 April-Bot: Inspection Mode
1:45:20 April-Bot: Stripping
1:46:15 April-Bot: Rigid & Poseable
1:46:45 April-Bot: Puppeteering Mode
1:48:15 April-Bot: Mistress Programming
1:48:40 Activating Mistress Mode
1:48:45 I should NOT be the one naked here
1:50:20 Mistress April DEMANDS respect and worship
1:52:30 Freezing Mistress April
1:53:20 Installing a Loop command
1:54:00 Looping Mistress (oblivious to her looping)
1:56:30 Mistresss Power Levels are running down
1:59:00 Slavegirl Selling her Services
2:01:50 Looping Sexual Slavegirl (oblivious again)
2:03:30 Slavegirl Posing Playfully
2:04:30 Waking as April (zero recall again) forced to pose
2:06:30 Closing Induction
2:08:00 Closing Chat
2:09:45 Bonus: 360 1: Mannequin in Underwear
2:10:50 Bonus: 360 2: Art Nude Mannequin

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