Entrancement UK - Brook & Natalia

Entrancement UK – Brook & Natalia

Minds empty. Ready to receive commands.

A bit of a tricky shoot this time round, (I suppose I can’t have it easy every time) though we were rewarded with some very fun & sexy moments.

A couple of personal highlights for me were seeing Brook getting chatted up by “Gary” (Natalia in her male bodybuilder mindset) and not being at all impressed, followed by putting Brook in “Raven” mode (Brook’s submissive alter ego) who was *very* impressed with Gary’s bluster and muscles. Later on there’s a fantastic scene of Brook as a sexdoll saleslady commanding, posing, and demonstrating Natalia like she’s just a robot. Stand Robot! Strip! Play with your breasts! Fun stuff.

The price is a little lower on this one as there are a couple of pacing issues. There were some *very* funny moments later on which made it a little hard for the girls to stay in a relaxed & obedient mindset. I did what I could, but occasionally Nat would get the giggles and Brook would feel put-upon being forced to switch between Brook and Raven modes too quickly.

You do get a feel for this in the trailer, though at the end of the shoot, Brook complained that I’d left her head “Cloudy” (as I’d intended to leave some triggers in place for her boyfriend to make use of) so she must have been reasonably well hypnotized in order to feel that way. I did end up completely removing all suggestions at the end of the shoot, I think she had a bit too much fun dominating fembot Natalia, and she’s decided she has *far* more fun domming.

Took lots of juggling to get them sufficiently responsive to the suggestions I wanted to give them.

Still. Lots of fun, and I hope you enjoy it

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