Brook returns for her fifth shoot and her third one-to-one training session, this time deciding that she’d like to move more in the direction of slave training. (And who am I to argue? 😉 )

As anyone who’s seen Brook’s previous training sessions will know, Brook whilst submissive, can be kind of a brat, and obeying meekly doesn’t come naturally to her at all. As a result, (and thanks to the power of mind control) Brook has an alter ego called “Raven” who represents Brook’s inner submissive and desire to obey.

Raven is like a completely different person, wheras Brook always seems skeptical and often looks like she’s just barely holding herself back from being outright rude to you, Raven always appears wide eyed and innocent. Brook’s body language is often closed and defensive, Raven’s is far more open as though she enjoys being on display… which of course she does. X-D

In this shoot we spend a lot of time switching between Brook and Raven modes, and at times we do fun things like give Raven body control, whilst Brook retains control up top. Sometimes she’s aware of what Raven’s doing down below her… sometimes she’s isn’t… sometimes she’s aware… but tries to make me believe that she’s doing everything by her own volition.

It’s pretty amusing to see her trying to bluster her way out of admitting that she’s not in control. We also get to see a few new sides to Brook when we make her an enthusiastic bimbo cock-sucker, have her believe that her breasts are brand new and just what she’s always always wanted, have her believe her breasts are brand new and totally fricking weird (“What are they!? They’re MOVING! Wait… they’re UDDERS!? You made me into a COW!?”) and turn her into a human puppy.

It’s a *lot* of fun to see her (so usually full of self control) bouncing around, giggling, acting like a cutesie airhead and getting excitable

00:00:10 Introduction
00:06:45 Induction
00:20:30 Brook in the Red Room
00:22:00 Mentally objectifying Brook
00:22:30 Asked to spread her legs refusal with a smile
00:22:50 Spreading and binding the brat.
00:24:30 Cant close her legs, feeling too bound
00:27:20 Wants to feel naughty restrained teased
00:28:30 Teasing her by not touching
00:29:00 Teasing with touch
00:30:30 Waking up blindfolded and bound
00:32:00 Cant recall who or where she is
00:33:30 Shoulder-touch, everythings funny on / off
00:35:00 Brooks *fine* having her legs wide so lets widen them more!
00:38:30 Bringing Raven Back
00:40:45 Installing a personality Switch trigger
00:41:30 Waking Raven who happily presents herself
00:41:45 Brook doesnt think it worked
00:42:15 Ravens happy to obey
00:44:00 Brook the unwitting exhibitionist refuses to undress (or DOES she!?)
00:46:10 Realises whats going on.
00:47:00 Brook resists the temptation to moon
00:47:15 Raven wont resist
00:47:55 Raven from the neck down Brook neck up
00:48:15 Brook claims shes in control we dont believe her
00:49:30 Raven teases her pussy on command
00:49:50 Wants to touch but her hands go elsewhere
00:51:30 Horny Brook wants to play and cant
00:54:30 Brook thinks her own clothes are stupid and wants them off
00:56:00 Brook realises shes nude
00:56:50 Brook obeys sensual commands voluntarily
00:57:30 Calling Brooks bluff
00:58:30 Raven wiggles for me
00:59:00 Raven spreads and strokes Brooks body Brooks oblivious
00:59:50 Installing Blank and Freeze triggers in Brooks mind
01:00:30 Making Brook brainless & freezing her
01:01:10 Brainless Closeup Flyaround
01:03:30 Posing Brook like a sexdoll
01:05:00 Bringing Brooks brain back
01:05:30 Realises she cant stop stroking
01:06:20 Quizzing Raven on Brooks tea preferences.
01:07:00 Post Tea-Break outfit 2
01:08:30 BimboGum
01:10:00 Bimbo Brook focuses on clothes and shoes and sex and sucking. ;D
01:13:10 Brook Scott (Professional Cock Sucker) discusses prime technique
01:16:30 POV Blowjob as Brook discusses technique
01:17:30 How Brook would suck Mr Grey
01:18:50 Frozen mid Blowjob
01:19:45 Raven sucks mindlessly
01:20:15 Raven sucks as she gazes at the pendant
01:20:40 Brook sucks as a cock-hungry slut then mindless again
01:22:00 Normal Brook tries to resist but she cant stop sucking
01:22:40 Raven sucks like a slut
01:23:30 Innocent first timer pleases cock
01:24:50 Mindless cocksucking robot
01:25:25 Normal Brook but she cant stop sex machine sucking
01:26:00 Brook back in control free to complain and beat me. 😛
01:27:30 Mental Bondage of Raven then Brook
01:28:50 Fingersnaps = Clothing removal
01:32:00 Brook talks about developing breasts
01:33:45 Brook believes her breasts are brand new. (And has always wanted some)
01:36:10 Brook believes her breasts are new (And has no idea what they are)
01:38:00 Raven plays with Brooks boobs
01:40:40 Brook the human puppy
01:42:40 Petting Brook-Puppy
01:43:39 Tummy rub Its nice its nice its nice its nice!
01:44:20 Brook reacts to finding herself over my knee
01:45:00 Brook the airhead plays with the puppy
01:45:30 Aaaand back to normal
01:46:00 Giggle Trigger
01:47:30 Raven does some Pin-up poses
01:48:30 Stripping Brook again
01:49:45 Mindless Breast Play
01:50:35 Breasts stroking mindless mantra
01:51:00 Frozen Poses, Smile / Expressionless
01:53:00 Brook showing her lady parts off
01:55:00 Inspecting, stroking and treating Raven like a toy
01:57:40 Helpless to stop herself from masturbating
02:01:00 Hands on the shoulders = Proposition to fuck
02:02:30 Waking feeling fuckable then getting out of the way when she realises
02:04:00 Closing Chat
02:15:10 Bonus 360

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