Charlotte Germany & Samantha Alexandra

The always lovely Samantha Alexandra returned for her fifth(!) session, this time bringing with her the stunning Paris (Charlotte Germany). Both girls had a great time, freezing, messing with, stripping, tickling and being controlled alongside one another. If you like your ladies limp and spaced out, then you should enjoy a fair few scenes here as Samantha *certainly* seemed to have fun pushing around Charlotte whilst she was mentally “checked out” as it were

Some really fun reactions to being frozen, compelled to flash here, as well as a “Sex Instructor” suggestion where Charlotte “discovers” her pussy for the first time, but has no idea how to use it without getting some advice from Samantha.

This video features some open legged masturbation instruction at this point

Charlotte & Samantha Contents
[00:28] Introduction
[05:45] Induction
[30:42] Increasing Amnesia
[33:55] We’re Waitresses… and strippers!
[37:10] Breasts on the brain (unaware)
[41:20] Breasts on the brain (aware)
[42:50] Compulsion to Flash
[46:25] Spacing out Charlotte
[46:50] Stripping Spacey Charlotte
[49:50] Notice that they’re flashing
[51:30] Bound
[52:30] Bodylocking Charlotte
[53:15] Posing frozen Charlotte
[54:20] Vogueing blank Charlotte
[55:00] Posing frozen Samantha
[57:25] “I hate being tickled”
[57:44] “I love being tickled”
[58:00] Tickling makes Samantha pass out
[59:35] Spanked into wakefulness
[59:50] Samantha’s Revenge!
[01:00:20] Limp checks on sleeping Charlotte
[01:01:10] Naked? Okay!
[01:01:25] Naked!? No way!
[01:02:30] “My Mind is Going”
[01:07:15] Mind Gone Mantra
[01:08:10] Less is more (Can’t believe we’re dressed!)
[01:10:05] Growing & Shrinking bodyparts
[01:11:11] Breast growth / shrinkage
[01:13:50] Excess junk in the trunk
[01:14:55] Big tongues!
[01:16:55] Shrinking intelligence
[01:18:50] Increasing Sexdrive & desire to touch one another
[01:19:25] Samantha’s Foot Fetish / Worship
[01:21:30] Charlotte aroused into unconsciousness!
[01:22:20] Stroking & Stripping Charlotte
[01:25:50] Sam programs mindless Charlotte
[01:28:05] Semi Nude Close Inspection
[01:31:40] Nymphomaniac <-> Proper Ladies Video Dating
[01:37:10] “Let’s get naked!”
[01:37:40] “Why aren’t you looking at us? We’re NAKED!”
[01:39:05] “Looking at our breasts!? PERVERT!”
[01:41:50] Charlotte on “discovering” her pussy sees Samantha Alexandra the Sex Instructor.
[01:45:20] Masturbation Lessons
[01:49:10] Arousal switched off
[01:51:40] Sleep before climax
[01:52:02] Frozen
[01:53:10] Dancing Shoes
[01:57:30] Closing training
[01:58:45] Closing chat
Running Time: 120 Minutes

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  • I hope that I can make this question here since it’s about GGH instead of Entrancement UK. The thing is, there’s too many videos of GGH that are currently down and I can’t find them anywhere (the 3 hypnosis sessions of Victoria, Compliance Chip, etc), and I wanna know if you still have them anywhere. If it’s too difficult to upload them here because they’ll get deleted then how about creating an account on mediafire or 4shared and then share it somewhere? maybe the website won’t notice them that way

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      we are so busy, we hardly upload regular posts on our websites, unfortunately we don’t have the time to do this, but good news that we have all deleted files in our stuck, we have a huge collection of hypno stuffs (really huge)

      • Oh well, it’s good to know that you still have them. So you think that you can find some way to share the deleted files in your stuck? or maybe you’ll reupload them in a couple of months when you aren’t that busy anymore?. The ones that I mentioned before got deleted even before I discovered this website so I never got the chance to watch them.

  • I can get many videos from GGH, Hypnolust and many others can I take some requests if you want.