Cher arrived with a cute scottish accent, a cracking body, a hunky male companion, and a head full of doubts as to whether hypnosis would actually have any effect on her.

Over the course of the next couple of hours I had her forgetting her own partner’s name, believing herself a sex therapist who found it perfectly normal to dry hump total strangers (one has to demonstrate correct technique, right?) and having an orgasm simply by rubbing really hard on her nose.

I’d say she went away convinced of it’s effectiveness.

She also modelled a nice leotard for us and got to experience my NEW AND IMPROVED Medusa Disc(TM)! (Alright “Turntable”) this one’s remote controlled! (So now I have a remote for the TV, the turntable *and* the ladies.

A great shoot with a gorgeous lady who looks totally stunning dipping in and out of trance and wakefulness. Over the course of the video you get to see her transform from skeptic to slavegirl.

Director’s Choice!

0:00:10 Introduction
0:06:44 Induction
0:18:20 Sleep Trigger Training
0:19:40 Rag Doll Check
0:21:15 Adjustable Ticklishness
0:23:15 Giggle Trigger
0:24:40 Bound Trigger
0:26:30 Hand Bound Test
0:28:25 Hands Air-Bound Tickling
0:31:00 Lying extrovert wants to undress
0:33:50 Wants to show off the world’s best breasts
0:34:25 Insists on going topless despite me trying to stop her
0:35:25 Being topless is inappropriate! (Switching)
0:38:50 Bound whilst embarrassed, unable to hide her boobs.
0:40:00 Sex Instructor
0:42:40 Sex Instructor requires an assistant!
0:42:50 “This is how you touch a vagina”
0:43:20 Ash introduces himself
0:44:50 Sex Instructor suddenly gets bashful
0:45:35 Displaying proper mounting technique (CMNF)
0:47:55 Tickling the Sex Instructor
0:48:20 Aroused by Tickles
0:50:25 Nude, Empty-Headed & Poseable
0:53:20 Triggered to Pose Automatically in Trance
0:55:30 Wakes wanting snackage… but is forced to pose
0:56:30 Sex Instructor can’t seem to open her legs…
0:57:00 Switching between legs open and playing, and embarrassment
0:59:20 Nude Mistress Enchants her viewers
1:00:40 Mistress Mesmerizes herself
1:02:00 Self Sleep Trigger
1:03:56 Part Two: Leotard & Display Disc
1:04:30 Can’t recall being anything but an ornament
1:05:20 Showing off her Leotard
1:05:55 Triggered to Pose
1:09:03 Slow Freeze onto The Display Disc
1:10:55 Mind Freezes, now just an ornament
1:11:09 360 in her Leotard
1:11:55 Posing frozen Cher as she spins
1:13:25 Mental Puppeteering
1:14:05 Spinning her in the perfect pose
1:19:25 Musically Activated Stripper Doll
1:20:35 Musical Statue
1:22:05 Posing the Naked Stripped Doll
1:30:35 Mindlessly Repeats Commands
1:31:00 Nude and Enchanting herself with the Pendant
1:32:00 Eyes Bound on the Pendant, tries to fight it
1:37:30 Coming onto Ash
1:38:00 No idea who her bf is or why she’s naked
1:38:30 Sitting on his lap n getting kissy
1:38:50 Further Kissing and Confusion
1:41:00 Cher the sex kitten
1:43:30 Remote Clit Relocation
1:45:00 Sexy Chin! Sexy Nose! Sexy Feet! Sexy Thumb!
1:48:15 Closing Trance
1:50:00 Closing Chat
Running Time: 114 Minutes

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  • amino 3 years ago

    Your doing entrancement 2016 releases now?

  • Fabio 3 years ago

    Please upload more body swap or guy in girl’s bodies videos if you can. Thanks.

  • blackheart 3 years ago

    Great video as usual. Just want to ask. Is it possible for you to reupload all the previous entrancement video? I want to watch them but sadly it has been removed