Entrancement UK – Dahlia Entranced Complete

Cracking shoot with an absolutely gorgeous lady! Somewhat softly spoken to begin with, but gets chatty pretty quickly and clearly becomes convinced of anything that I tell her within trance.

Pretty interesting responses to some things, like on being told she was a mannequin, ordinarily I’d expect people to lock up and become completely rigid, but in Dahlia’s case, the instant she began thinking of her body as that of a mannequin, her posture would subtly change to be a little more elegant and artificial. If I moved an arm, her head might unconsciously move in response into a more photogenic position, but if Dahlia tried to move it herself, she’d have no ability to do so.

Dahlia’s also one of those wonderful ladies who can ignore any discomfort in her eyes whilst frozen, so on a couple of occasions you might notice a tear running down her cheek whilst she gazes blankly into space. Her freezes are top notch, so when I bring in the “Loop” and “Slowdown” triggers, you’d swear she was more some kind of beautiful statuesque robot than a real person.

ASMR, Tickling, Slow Freezes, Damsel in Distressing, Foot Fetish, Fishnets, Robot Sales Lady. So much goodness

PART 1 of 2
0:00:08 Intro (and discussion of how often she’s caught nekkid in public!)
0:05:54 Induction
0:13:00 Five more minutes!
0:14:00 Whispering RagDoll Trance
0:16:00 Stiff & Rigid Mannequin Trance
0:19:00 Bell rings compel her to flash her panties (even though she doesn’t want to)
0:23:00 Body wants to flash whether she likes it or not
0:26:00 Thinks a drug has made her feel uninhibited (and she wants more!)
0:27:00 Compelled to sleep every time she tries to leave
0:28:00 Trying to recall anything Drops Dahlia Deeper
0:29:30 PetGirl Play (Enthusiastic)
0:33:00 PetGirl Play (Compelled and can’t resist)
0:34:30 Forced to Meow
0:35:40 Slow CatGirl Transformation
0:38:30 Compelled to give massages and back scratches (whether she likes it or not)
0:40:00 Frozen Close-Ups as I pose Dahlia
0:43:00 Shoe removal and foot focused inspection scene
0:49:00 Mindless Dahlia’s Dolly Mantras
0:50:00 Naturist Dahlia can’t stand clothes (until she’s SWITCHED)
0:54:00 Dahlia has a flirty present for me
0:55:30 Compelled to pose, even though she’s feeling shy
1:00:45 Amusing myself by altering Dahlia’s attitude to obedience
1:03:00 Brainless with her voice reduced to an ASMR whisper
1:03:30 Lovestruck by the mindsucking camera lens
1:05:30 Fembot Loop Trigger
1:09:30 “Slow Down” as a fembot then a dancer

PART 2 of 2
1:14:00 Memory Play: Last thing she recalls was starting the session
1:15:30 Mind Blanked: Reverse StripTeases are so… slutty!
1:17:20 Slow Freeze (Very Damsel in Distressy!)
1:23:00 I love my bra! / Wait, this isn’t my bra! Gross!
1:24:00 Pose Training, Bondage Positions
1:25:00 Why aren’t you tickling me!?
1:28:00 HypnoPuppeteering
1:30:00 Pendant Seduction
1:31:45 Filling her with the need to fight… if only to enjoy overcoming it.
1:34:00 What are you? I’m a Good Girl
1:37:00 Programming Dahlia-Bot
1:40:00 Leotard, Heels & Fishnets
1:44:00 Catwalk Modes CyberMan / Sleepwalker / Clockwork
1:46:00 HypnoDolls: Fembot Sales Lady
1:48:30 Fembot Sales Lady Malfunctions
1:49:40 Emotionless Robot tries to convince me she’s a “normal human” like me…
1:51:20 Fembot losing power
1:52:00 Closing Chat
Complete Running Time: 115 Minutes

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