Entrancement UK – Honour 11


Honour returns for her 11th Entrancing visit, and the awesome, sexy, creative and hilarious moments come flying thick and fast! See the contents for the details.

Very definitely a Director’s Choice.

0:10 Intro
3:05 Induction
5:10 Limp Check
6:05 Take a selfie and FREEZE!
7:30 Posing Frozen Honour
8:46 She’s flashing already… but let’s freeze her and show more off!
10:40 Sleep triggers are working nicely!
11:55 Hear a bell ringing? Flash and Freeze!
17:30 Mindless Mantra Pendant Focus
19:40 Lovestruck by the Pirate Hat
20:30 Copy-Cat Pirate Hat
24:40 Sleepin’ so hard she falls off the sofa and moons us!
26:10 Lecturer’s oblivious striptease
29:11 Pendant Captivation Nude Posing
31:45 Expression Control (Ahegao, Blank, Smile, Lust)
33:20 Derpy Zombie Walk
34:08 Clockwork Doll Totter
35:15 Sultry Slut Walk
36:45 Nude Honour thinks she’s dressed
37:45 Every Step towards me makes her more frozen
38:10 Closeup Frozen Doll Inspection
40:10 POV submission and surrender
40:25 … whilst masturbating
42:40 Self Sleep Trigger
43:10 HonourBot: Pose Mode
44:30 HonourBot: Joypad Control
46:40 Reading with Honour… whilst she obliviously teases herself
49:30 HonourBot Reprogrammed: Intelligence Reduction
50:40 HonoutBot Reprogrammed: Libido Enhancement
51:20 Tearing off her tights
53:30 Mistress Honour Foot Seduction
55:00 Mistress Honour Bosses us into dominating her (Syason’s idea.)
56:45 HonoutBot VR experience (Tied and teased)
59:30 Edging on Command
59:59 Orgasm Permission DENIED! (Sleeping instead)
1:00:50 Orgasm Permission GRANTED!

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