Entrancement UK – Honour 12 Bimbofication & Brainwash (Complete scene)

The stunningly sensual Honour May returns for her triumphant twelfth visit and as ever she knocks absolutely every suggestion out of the park!

Part One (Entrancement): Pendant Seduction, Memory Play, Self Rest Triggering, Oblivious Flashing, Tickling Clothes, Ming Ring Seduction Tribute.

Part Two (Brainwash): Honour wakes to find herself tied down to a bed in a strange room, fitted with a brainwashing helmet that slowly takes over her mind. She struggles and shouts to free herself, but it’s too late! The words are already embedding themselves deep in her mind and taking over her behaviour. On waking she tries to leave the bed but finds every attempt triggers a burst of arousal leading her to tease and toy with herself. She does her best to resist… but eventually finds she can’t help but succumb to the pleasure.

Part Three (Bimbofication): A commissioned scene. Honour is a ballbusting Drill Instructor shouting at her charmingly unkempt minion (Lex). She mocks his appearance and speaks with a gruff accent. Any time he snaps her fingers… she switches into an American Bimbo tone of voice and tries to continue dominating him. Any time he calls her “ma’am” she begins to grow more aroused and distracted. Enjoying the charade, he freezes her, lets her hair down and begins to decrease her intelligence making her more and more a bimbo.

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