Entrancement UK – Honour Entranced 6 – Frozen In Public

For reasons that’ll become fairly obvious, this video is split into public and private play sections.

As Britain was being ravaged by Storm Doris during our last shoot, we postponed the planned public play until this one. Honour entertains by being a puppy in the park, a tree-hugger (whether she likes it or not) and a living statue around various city landmarks.

As it’s my first time doing any form of filmed hypno play outdoors, it’s not perfect, (Lots of wind noise, I’m not *quite* sure how to deal with the fact members of the public walk past occasionally and at one point I forgot to turn the mic on.) so I’m putting that section out on YouTube for free!

Contents: Honour 6: Public Play
• Lovestruck (then disgusted) by my hat
• Lovestruck (then disguisted) by a tree
• Stuck to the tree
• Stuck to a bench
• Living Statue Scenes
• Thinks she’s naked when she’s not
• Unable to eat cake at the cafe
• Puppy Honour plays fetch
• More public freezing!

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  • I have a video I’d like to share with you for your website. How exactly would I be able to get in contact with you for download?

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      Thank you for your favor, Please give me the name of your video, It may we already got it.

  • It’s the newest entrancement video: “Francesca’s Slave Training DC [1080] “

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      We know bro, We haven’t yet gotten this one but it would be uploaded here sooner or later.