Entrancement UK – Honour Entranced 6 – Private Play

This is the second half of my shoot with Honour where we had her frozen around town in public places.

For a change this video is mainly focused on FemDom Mesmerism style Jerk off Instruction (where Honour becomes the mind controller.) and POV blowjobs. I do pop in a couple of times to blank Honour’s mind and direct her thoughts… but this is almost entirely Honour taking up the mind control mantle. You’ll have to watch and let her know how deeply her words, her voice, and her mental manipulations affected you. 😉

Mostly dressed, though there’s a little bit of breast flashing, leg spreading and masturbation as Mistress Honour gets a little bit carried away with excitement at the thought of teasing her little minions… the POV section where I have Honour switching between slut, sex coach and mindless fucktoy mindsets is also pretty great.

Chatting about being hypnotized out in public
3 minute reinduction
Honour thinks *she’s* the Mistress and she’s here to control everyone else
Taking on the Pendant
Trying on the Top Hat
Honour Entrances You
Focusing on using her legs…
Mistress Honour wants you to play for her… when she tells you to.
Mistress Honour practices her rapid inductions… on you!
Reprogramming the Mistress
Mistress Honour makes you her puppet
Mirroring your Mistress
Sleepy Hand
Feel yourself being stroked by your Mistress
Mistress teases herself… and you, simultaneously
Sleeping again for Mistress
Wanting to touch for your Mistress
On and off as Mistress Commands
Mistress triggers herself to sleep
Brainless Honour Doll, eyes open
Mindless Honour echoes mantras and commands
Wakes but doesn’t recall being the Mistress
“My name is… erm…”
Squirrel talk (oblivious)
Squirrel talk (aware, but can’t stop it)
Eyes locked on the lens
Blanked and unblanked
Mindless Face Play
Eager to be collared
Stroking, collaring and petting my plaything
Single minded plaything
Frozen brainless collared doll
Obsessed with sucking…
Binding Honour’s Intelligence
“2+2? Is it like… 8?”
Bimbo Honour still knows more horse breeds than me. Curses!
Brainless posing on command (Pinup, cutesey)
Stripping to her lingerie
Brainless puppy panting
Removing her shoes
POV Blowjob
POV Blowjob (wants to stop but can’t)
POV Blowjob – Mindless and Blank
POV Blowjob – Slutty Girlfriend to Boyfriend
Teacher giving Blowjob Sex Ed lesson (This is NOT for tittilation! … apparently)
Embarrassed Teacher can’t stop acting like a pornstar
Triggering her gag reflex
Deactivating the gag reflex
A Sudden Case of BJ Virginity
Thinks it’s an Ice Cream
Sex Ed Teacher discussing masturbation whilst giving oral
Mindless Cock Popping
Mindless Pornstar
Frozen cock ornament flyaround

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