Entrancement UK – Honour & Natalia Entranced – Complete

Honour and Natalia have both worked together with one another a number of times before, but it’s never been under the effects of genuine mind control. Both respond to it pretty differently. To Honour it’s clearly something that she finds irresistible and sexy, and as a submissive, watching her slip into trance is clearly a very sensual exchange of power for her. Natalia certainly seems to enjoy dabbling with trance, but much more from the perspective of an observer or an exhibitionist. As such there’s quite a bit of difference between the responses and behaviour of the two ladies.

When both girls become blank slates awaiting identity, Honour very clearly is no longer herself, wide eyed and innocent she simply repeats the question “Who am I?” until she receives an answer. In contrast. Natalia, whilst unable to recall her name or much about herself still shows clear signs of retaining her personality. The moment Honour is told that she’s a slave, her whole body language changes as she adopts a more submissive stance and manner of speaking. Natalia follows suit… but only after receiving direction.

Amazing responses from Honour throughout in terms of depth, she freezes, spaces, brats and robots with the very best in the business, and there’s some pretty hilarious reactions from Natalia. In “Robot” mode she takes everything literally and then seems to malfunction, then in “Dude” mode she’s *extremely* coarse in terms of her language! Honour in comparison makes for a beautifully emotionless fembot fucktoy until “Nathan” (Natalia’s male alter ego) asks if we can make her a bit more slutty… and Irish.. Because the accent is HOT!

Huge amounts of awesome sexy moments, as well as a fair few G/G scenes for lovers of lesbian kissing, feet or brainless mind controlled sex objects tonguing and sucking on whatever strays near their receptive mouths.



06:40 Inducing Honour (Whilst Natalia does her best to distract)
08:40 Honour can’t recall dropping
11:14 Honour’s obliviously gives a foot massage
11:50 Honour realises… but can’t stop
12:45 Entrancing Natalia whilst Honour massages her feet
16:05 Both ladies eyes stuck shut in trance
17:50 Sleepy foot worship / licking
20:00 Amnesia suggestion makes Nat jerk awake
21:30 Natalia slowly succumbs
23:00 Neither believes they’ve been under… butts stuck
25:30 … aaaand then hands and mouths
26:10 … mouths which are magnetized together!
28:50 Enforced Butt Wiggling
28:40 Magnetic Butts
32:00 Sleepy Ragdolls & Mannequins
33:30 Natalia the naughty ghost
38:30 Honour can’t move… but Natalia can move (and spank) her!
39:50 The Ghost revealed!
40:45 Natalia the Doll
42:30 Natalia forgets Honour’s name
45:00 Natalia toys with and undresses sleeping Honour
50:00 Undressing Honour and playing with her feet
55:00 Honour’s turn to worship
59:00 Both girls strip and stroke
1:01:00 Pendant Training
1:04:10 Blank slates awaiting identity
1:06:00 Former lovers! Happy to obey!
1:06:30 Posing when triggered to.
1:07:00 Frozen Flyaround
1:08:30 Slave Poses & Mantras
1:09:45 Captive lovers kept apart by a forcefield
1:10:45 Controlling Natalia whilst Honour berates me
1:11:15 Muting Honour’s voice
1:11:45 Freeing Natalia, controlling Honour
1:12:20 Matching Masturbating Minions
1:13:10 Sluts eager to orgasm
1:13:45 Special Delivery! (IRL Postman. Whoops!)
1:13:51 Mini Induction
1:17:50 We’re just friends… (but lovers the moment music plays!)
1:23:00 Kissing makes them sleepier
1:25:07 The Seduction of Natalia & Honour (Flash Gordon Tribute!)
1:30:45 Nudism is natural, everyone should undress!
1:32:30 Honour the Mannequin
1:34:00 Replica Sales-Girl Honour
1:35:30 Honour’s a dude… and he’s just got his new Natalia Doll!
1:37:40 Natalia’s a dude… and he has an Honour Doll!
1:40:00 Activating Honour-Bot’s “Suction Mode”
1:40:45 HonourBot: Masturbation Mode
1:41:30 HonourBot: Programming with new phrases
1:42:45 HonourBot: Accent alteration to American then Irish
1:45:00 Dude Honour helps us market research the NataliaBot
1:47:00 NataliaBot seems to interpret commands a bit too literally…
1:48:00 NataliaBot! Masturbate and make your best sex noise!
1:49:00 NataliaBot vocal driver malfunction!
1:51:15 HonourBot: Engage Oral Sex Mode on Natalia!
1:54:35 Robots… Orgasm Now!
1:55:30 Nude Limp Inspection
1:58:00 Brat doesn’t WANT a babysitter
2:01:30 Introducing Ms Forrest the babysitter
2:04:20 No playing the Striptease game!
2:05:30 I’m going to my ROOM!
2:06:00 Ms Forrest is actually a WITCH!
2:08:08 Ms Forrest makes Honour her Puppy
2:09:05 Ms Forrest wants to spank Honour!
2:10:20 Brat Honour has been learning mesmerism!
2:14:00 Ms Forrest has her attitude adjusted
2:15:50 Sending Ms Forrest on her way
2:17:20 Both girls become Panting Puppy Pets!
2:17:40 Trying to speak makes them bark
2:20:45 Bitches on heat!

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  • Dexter 2 years ago

    Can you upload some videos from an actress called “Nina Neon”? most of the videos that I search online were deleted or are incomplete, and I’ve been wanting to see new stuff from her for a while. Aside of hypnosis she has bondage or chloroform ones for

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      i totally agree with you nina is a fabulous model but as far as i know she hasn’t been very active over past few years but we will try to upload more her videos

  • Bruce 2 years ago

    This is my email to exchange videos: [email protected]
    I’m waiting you to send me a mail 🙂

  • Damn, has this video already been taken down?

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      no bro it works also you can download through openload

  • Has it been taken down because it never loads

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      no dude just change your browser if issue is persisting download video thought download link

  • It doesn’t work on, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. Could you try downloading it again?

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      i wonder why don’t you download through openload link? if videolox doesn’t work so give it up and use the openload link

      • Where did you put the link?

        • Fetishman 2 years ago

          just click on red button under video and go through to download link. if you can’t see that big red button i am afraid i can’t help

          • Oh, that took me to 3 different sites before I got there, I thought it was some fake download button. Thanks. Keep it up

          • Okay wait it’s not downloading, it just gives up after a couple minutes with a play sign with a cross through it

  • It got deleted :/

  • Could you possibly re upload this video?

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      I did check right now, Both of video players are working fine, There is no need to re-upload

  • A hamburger with cheese 1 year ago

    I tried the download button but it’s showing “file not found”, could you re-upload it please?

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      Bro both of video players work without any problem, You can watch this video via them.

      • A hamburger with cheese 1 year ago

        Really? Because when I hit the red download button, it takes me to a page that says “File not found”, and when I hit the other download link, it takes me to vidlox, and then I press the play button and it does nothing. It’s as if it’s a screenshot or something. Does it work on the google chrome browser or do I have to use something else?

        • Fetishman 1 year ago

          It was re-uploaded on “verystream” Just try again. You should be able to download it now.

  • Could you maybe Re-upload this video like you did with the one that was just posted? Because I really want to watch this video but it isn’t working and I can’t download it either

  • Turnips 4 months ago

    It looks like the videos here are just the 20 min trailers. Could you reupload the full video?

    • Fetishman 4 months ago

      As far as i know it’s complete version

      • Turnips 4 months ago

        The first player says the video was removed due to inactivity, and the other 2 are only the 20 minute long trailers. The full video is over an hour long

        • Fetishman 4 months ago

          I did check it, You’re right, We re-uploaded its full version right now, I hope you enjoy it.