Roswell came to me looking for assistance building up her confidence to help with her burgeoning modelling career. Ever the gentleman, I was eager to help… Of course ever the deviant, I was eager to see just how much I could translate Roswell’s confidence into performing nude for my enjoyment!

Roswell loves the look of my usual shoots, but she didn’t want to be genuinely mesmerised. Forced to choose between hot funny redhead acting mesmerised and taking all her clothes off, and no shoot at all, I plumped for option 1. Glad I did, because she’s amazingly spontaneous, funny, sexy, and her reactions are all very very convincing. As you’ll see below, Roswell was happy to do all kinds of fun, silly and sexy things on camera, This shoot ticks along at a fantastic pace and easily gets a “Director’s Choice” rating, which means I’m more than happy to recommend it to anyone.

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