Entrancement UK – Kayla Louise – Kayla Controlled

I had worked with Kayla on a couple of previous occasions. First off way back in 2010 wed attempted a genuine mesmerism session only to find that Kayla didnt believe she was getting all that relaxed or engaged. Later on in 2012 we shot a HypnoDolls video together (HiddenHypnotist2) which was pretty well received, but I did keep getting hopeful comments from people wanting to see her genuinely under.

Since then Kayla has been listening to relaxation mp3s to help her sleep and has been finding them pretty effective. In preparation for the shoot I had her listen to a brainwashing mp3 Id had Miss Hypnotica record for me, and had her watch a VR version as part of her induction this time round.

When it came to testing the sleep trigger she did actually melt down and drop into trance.

Now ;were getting somewhere! 😉

One of my foot fan followers requested massages, stockings, and the undressing of horny sleeping ladies, so this shoots pretty foot heavy.

Is there any particular content youd like to see? Let me know!

0:00:10 Introduction
0:06:45 Bedroom VR Induction
0:44:10 Sleep Trigger Test
0:48:00 Feels like a pet, wantts to be stroked
0:50:00 Switching between affection and irritation at being petted
0:55:00 Pleasurable Foot Massage
0:57:00 Made more Ticklish
0:58:00 Feet bound, wants to kick me
0:58:30 Ticklishness switched off
0:59:00 Installing a Foot Fetish in Kaylas mind
1:00:00 Amnesia: Always had a foot fetish
1:01:00 Teasing: Feels annoyed when her feet *arent* massaged
1:05:00 Name Amnesia
1:06:00 Bound Trigger
1:07:00 Amnesia about Everything
1:07:30 Physical Bondage Trigger: Hands
1:07:55 Mouth Bound (Resisted)
1:08:50 Dropping her deeper
1:08:10 Legs Bound Wide
1:10:00 Simply wants to be a slave
1:11:30 Naming the slavegirl Krista
1:12:00 Resistance Bound
1:12:30 Happy to undress
1:13:00 Feels sexy when she calls me Sir
1:13:45 Kneeling on Command
1:14:00 Locked kneeling
1:14:30 Posing Krista Doll
1:16:00 Waking wondering why her clothes have come off
1:16:50 Feeling argumentative and bratty
1:17:10 Stripping away her self control
1:19:00 The Squirrels Are Coming Outbursts (unaware)
1:21:25 Denies that shes said anything odd
1:22:30 Realises shes saying it but cant stop
1:24:30 Forgets being a person believes shes a mannequin
1:25:30 Made mindless and poseable
1:27:10 Mistress Mode (Pissed at being frozen)
1:28:00 Making the Mistress Mindless
1:29:30 Triggering the Mistress to pose
1:30:00 Cant stop wiggling her ass
1:31:00 Finger-Snaps make her hate an item of clothing (and strip!)
1:33:45 Mindless Topless Doll in Stockings
1:34:00 Puppeteering
1:35:00 Giving her a mindless mantra (cant help chuckling)
1:35:40 Making more emotionless and obedient.
1:36:00 Mind Sucking Pendant
1:39:40 Posing Mindless Kayla
1:41:22 Mindless staring flyaround
1:43:45 Stripping the sleeping girls stockings
1:46:00 Mindless Eye and Mouth Checks
1:47:55 Pendant fills her with pleasure
1:49:30 Pleasureable Foot Massage
1:49:40 Caressing herself but doesnt know its her.
1:55:00 Posing Naked Kayla like a sex doll
1:57:00 Closing Chat

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