Entrancement UK – Layla Entranced

Layla was fantastic to work with. Smiley, chatty, playful, and pretty witty (not to mention gorgeous) and she dropped easily and wholeheartedly into every scene and suggestion that I sent her way.

Really good natured, and her sense of humour shone through as she reacted with surprise and excitement to all the odd and unusual things that I had happening to her. She’s constantly grinning, smiling, laughing and bouncing with barely contained enthusiasm at the goings on. Pretty much everything you could ask for in a subject.

This was our first time working together, and whilst she thought the idea of being entranced was something that sounded really fun, she didn’t want to immediately start stripping off on camera, so this one’s a clothed shoot. (More content that I can put up on YouTube. Entrancement Plus+ subscribers rejoice!)

Devious fella that I am, I still had her thinking she was nude at one point just for some mischief. She reacted by trying to pile every cushion on top of herself simultaneously. Cute. 😉

She seemed to respond really well to things like mind blanking, freezes, submission, and robot play. When I told her that wearing my collar would make her agreeable to everything, she happily seemed to consent to whatever weird suggestion I threw her way. (I’ve never seen such a happy chicken. :P)

Also she switches brilliantly from Grinning and laughing, to spacing out and eye-rolling mindlessly.

Great shoot with a gorgeous and responsive subject. Director’s Choice.


Outfit 1: Girl Next Door



Rag Doll Deepener

Too Heavy to Move

“Bound” Trigger

Bound to her hair

Bound to my hat

Lovestruck by my hat

Love / Hate Hat

Further Mental Bondage Games

Name Amnesia

Full Amnesia

My name’s Kitten… I’m a pet

Not a person, just a cat

Affectionate Catgirl

Blank and Dollified

Talks about the experience so far

Amnesiac again…

… because she’s a Robot

At Attention

Programmed to Pose

Puppeteering Mode

Smile… Blank… Smile… Blank….

Barbie Doll Bimbofication

Giving Barbie the Giggles

Living Doll

Face Play


Vision Disabled


Expressions on Command

Thinking she’s nude

Frozen and stuck whilst mentally nude

Believes she’s nude… and I should admire her

Shy / Extrovert Switching

Outfit 2: Robo-Jumpsuit

LOVES her new outfit

Insists that she be collared (and who am I to argue?)

Wearing the collar makes her agree to everything

Smiley and happy

Happy to make chicken noises

Fembot Memory Restriction

Fembot Pose Training

Fembot Living Doll Interaction

Fembot Physical Sensitivity Disabled

“Hi I’m Barbie!”

Giggle Trigger

Clockwork Robo-Walking

Clockwork Runs Down

Frozen Eye Checks & Face Play

Clockwork Zombie Walker

EyeRoll on Command

Robo Repeat

Pendant Fixation

“My Mind is Going”

Adjustable Robo-Dancer

Blank / Flirtatious / Clockwork Dancer

Mentally herself… but her body keeps dancing

Thinks she’s nude and dancing, but can’t stop

Entrancing herself with her own hands

Robo Pose Mode

Slow Freeze

Frozen 360

Unaware of time spent frozen or spinning

More Mindless EyeRolls

Enforced Barbie Posing

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